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Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or paint
It is a bespoke freehand method using a specific clay based product to create natural strobe like effects
Toners are usually required
The benefits of this are longevity as roots are diffused hence no harsh demarcation requiring frequent attention


Have you heard of ‘Olaplex’? It is a revolutionary product which repairs your hair. It can rebuild broken hair bonds using a special ‘turbo-charged’ conditioning treatment.

In the hair structure, there are disulphide bonds and these can get broken down by the use of heat treatments, such as blow-drying and using straighteners, as well as by the use of colour and chemicals applied to the hair.

Olaplex works by not only conditioning the hair, but actually repairing and reconnecting the broken disulphide bonds. The product is often referred to as a ‘bond multiplier’. It not only repairs hair strand, but also limits further damage, during colouring and when applying heat.

I highly recommend Olaplex and know many women who have had damaged hair and seen fantastic results, returning their hair to its natural, healthy condition.

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